Darren Antola: RCW President and CEO

Mr. Antola spent much of his youth working as a Boxing “cut man”. During his career, Darren had the honor of working alongside two World Boxing Champions. In 2011, Darren decided to take his passion for combat sports in a new direction, so he created Rivalry Championship Wrestling. It is Darren’s goal to combine “Old School Wrestling” with a modern presentation style. Darren plans to take Rivalry Championship Wrestling to all corners of the globe and to cross generation lines to make this product the truest form of “Family Entertainment”.


Jesse Shannon: Vice-President of Operations

Mr. Shannon grew up around professional wrestling. Beginning in college, Jesse began to work in radio and television. Jesse has done just about every job inside the world of wrestling, from being a ring announcer and television host to booking shows. He’s even been known to get his hands dirty and help set up a wrestling ring or two. For the past decade, Jesse has worked as a wrestling journalist for one of the leading pro wrestling news websites. Like Darren Antola, Jesse wants to bring the best of pro wrestling to the widest audience possible.


David Wilkins: Vice-President of Marketing

Mr. Wilkins has spent many years in the world of business. His vast knowledge has helped himself and others to become successful in a wide variety of business ventures. David shares a passion for wrestling with the other members of the Board of Directors of Rivalry Championship Wrestling. With his unique views on marketing strategies, David is determined to take Rivalry Championship Wrestling to heights only dreamed about.